Orienteering in Schools

Schools Orienteering

Orienteering is now a major sport in education meeting the developmental needs, both physical and mental, of pupils. For teachers interested in introducing the sport of orienteering to students as part of their Outdoor Learning and Adventurous Activities programme, the club can offer plenty of advice and support.



The club can assist with the production of maps for schools. Please Contact the club for more information regarding how we can assist with mapping.


Permanent Orienteering Courses

Schools often progress rapidly from their own site to one of these facilities, ideal training before a school’s competition. The full list of local permanent orienteering courses can be found on our Permanent Orienteering Courses. All of these courses have maps that can be downloaded for FREE with the answer codes also provided on our website.


Local Events

Our local POTOC events are a great way for students and teachers to experience and try orienteering. We have a range of different courses at all of these events to cater for all different abilities. You can find information via our Events page.



Club events always offer FREE coaching on request and schools are encouraged to enable their pupils and interested parents to access these. POTOC is a ‘Clubmarked’ sports club and as such stages a significant number of small events, ideal for beginners. Some of the club coaches are also available during school term time to deliver high quality coached sessions on school sites or at local Permanent Orienteering Courses. (normal schools sports coaching rates apply)



If you require further information please Contact POTOC via our website.


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Permanent Courses

Why not try out orienteering at one of our permanent courses?

We have courses at:

  • Apedale
  • Bathpool Park
  • Biddulph Grange
  • Brough Park
  • Downs Banks
  • Ladderedge
  • Hanley Forest Park
  • Tunstall Park
  • Westport Lake

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