POTOC Captains ReportCaptain’s Report 15th Jan 2018


It was pleasing to see a decent turnout On Saturday, where we had 33 runners at Tunstall Park despite the cold & gloomy weather.

The area was extended north into Scotia Valley for the first time and from the feedback it made the courses interesting with a few route choices.

It would be good to see more people use Routegadget, a tool where you have the ability to upload (if you have a GPS tracker / watch) or manually plot your actual route, which is a great way of reviewing how others have tackled the course.

Click here for Tunstall Park routegadget 

There wasn't any West Midlands events on Sunday so most members had a day off.

But 2 members went to SYO's Rivelin event & 1 to the LEI Burbage Common event.


Compass Sport Trophy

We will once again be on the quest to reach the Compass Sport final, which this year is in October on Cannock Chase so extra incentive for us to qualify!

We need EVERYONE to take part in the qualifier on Sunday 11th March at Nescliffe, near Shrewsbury.

I will send you further information next month about the entry process.


Also coming around quickly is the JK at Easter, where POTOC are organising the long distance event on Easter Sunday.

If you would like to enter the relays on Easter Monday look out for my email soon.

I look forward to seeing you soon at an event.

Martin Pigott

Club Captain

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Permanent Courses

Why not try out orienteering at one of our permanent courses?

We have courses at:

  • Apedale
  • Bathpool Park
  • Biddulph Grange
  • Brough Park
  • Downs Banks
  • Ladderedge
  • Hanley Forest Park
  • Tunstall Park
  • Westport Lake

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