We had to postpone the original fixture at the last minute when fresh falls of snow were imminent and due to fall on the compacted icy residue of the previous fall of snow.

It was cold on the night , about 3 degrees, but 8 keen participants turned up.

In starting order.....

1.  Emily Vickerman     43:28   21 controls                         210 pts

2.  Ian Ankers              42:06   18 controls                         180 pts

3.  Marian Denham      60:03   15 controls    (150 pen.)         0 pts

4.  Denise Broom         39:18   14 controls                          140 pts

5.  Jim Cooke               39:21   23 controls                         230 pts

6.  Dora Deaville          45:47   15 controls     (10 pen.)       140 pts

7.  David Bales             45:57   24 controls     (10 pen.)       230 pts

8.  Lil Bales                  44:56   21 controls                           210 pts

I was very generous in awarding points where multiple entrants failed to find the stickers on the same controls. I had put them out of sight at a few controls where I was being watched !

The split nature of  this map makes it tricky to decide which controls to take in . There were 16 in the near group , 13 in far group and 2 on the connecting links. It needs more than a few moments to assess the map and controls …... it took me 5 minutes to decide an optimum route when I prepared for this report.

Look out for more Urban Activities in the Spring. If you wish to plan one or have a suggestion where one could be staged …..please get in touch.

John Heaton

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