Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Schools Orienteering Championships 8th March 2018

Over 200 children from 7 schools took part in the Championships. The weather was foul, especially in the morning when 3 schools ran in a blizzard. As a result it was very cold, windy and muddy. The children deserve praise for trying their best, without complaint. It did dry up in the afternoon and the sun came out, but by now, it was very muddy and slippery. I cannot praise highly enough my band of unpaid helpers. Some patrolled the area, with radios, so the children were safe. We used electronic controls to speed up results. Some children would have benefited if the teacher had explained the map symbols used. It helps if we can keep alterations to a minimum, as all names have to be entered on the computer. The clue sheet was on the map. This gives the box numbers and the position of the controls. We still had some pupils missing controls or punching the wrong one or even missing the last control. We look forward to seeing you next year in late March. Some schools may now wish to enter the West Midlands Championships on Saturday May 12th at Coombe Country Park, Coventry .

Potteries Orienteering Club run regular events; dates and venues can be found on the POTOC website. Any school can join the British Schools Orienteering Association, for free, and so take part in annual events and get equipment at a cheaper rate. 


Won by James Bateman with 7 points.

2nd Woodhouse Middle, 9 points.

3rd Christchurch Academy, 16 points.

A school needs to have finishers in at least 3 courses to count and we count 4 best results.


Won by Woodhouse Middle with 10 points

2nd Christchurch Academy, 12 points.

3rd Brewood Middle, 16 points

4th James Bateman, 19 points

Walton High School did not count.


Won by Walton High School, Stafford with 5 points.

2nd Biddulph High School, 9 points

1 school did not count.

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