Sunday 11th March at Nesscliffe

Having come so close to reaching the final last year, I could see the determination on our faces to try and qualify this year. 

It was an encouraging response from members to run, we had 32 entries which was our biggest for a few years and even more than the final in 2016!

We were up against our usual rivals - Walton Chasers (who beat us by 2 points last year) Wrekin and EYRI. 

But we found out that Chasers hadn't sent a full team as they were already in the final as hosts, so it was just us against Wrekin and ERYRI.

There was some excellent performances, these were our points:

Name Course Points
Rob Holdway  Brown   100
Graham Pigott  Brown   98
Adam Bushnell  Brown   97
Sam Naylor  Brown   93
Martin Pigott  Short Brown   97
Rich Pigott  Short Brown   96
Diane Mitson  Blue women   99
Catherine Bushnell  Blue women   98
Clare Baron  Blue women   96
Elizabeth Bales  Green women   97
Morlich Barnett  Green women   96
Dave Bales  Green men   97
Henry Morgan  Green men   96
Gerry Riley  Green men   93
William Barnett  Green junior   100
Ceri Taylor  Green junior   98
Paul Graetz  Short green   100
Marian Denham  Short green   98
Judy Douglas  Short green   97
Barbara Farr  Short green   95
Austin Farr   Short green   94
Peter Yoxall  Short green   92
Jean Rostron  Short green   88
Alex Evans  Orange   100


Unfortunately our other runners were disqualified - Rob Moody, Andrew Rowe, Jim Cooke, Neil Woodley, Geoff Hollins, Denise Broom

I would like to give a special mention to our 3 juniors William, Ceri and Alex, who performed exceptionally in the tough terrain.

With our 13 counting scores, made up of a maximum of 2 from each course, we got 1278 points to claim victory!

POTOC    1278

WREKIN  1259

WCH       1054

ERYRI      680


Put the date in your diary, now we can look forward to the final on Sunday 21st October at Abraham's Valley, hosted by Walton Chasers.

Martin Pigott

Club Captain







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