POTOC Captains ReportCaptain’s Report 26th March 2018

UK Urban League Macclesfield

It was the third event of the UK Urban league on Sunday, a lovely sunny day saw 14 of us make the short trip.

The performance of the week goes to Jean Rostron who won the 3.5k 'Hyper Vets' course in 57:46, just 15 seconds ahead of second place!

On course 1 Mens Open, el Capitain was 3rd in 69 minutes, narrowly beating brother Richard by just over a minute.

Rob Moody made only his second appearance this year, coming 6th just 11 minutes behind the leader. Sam Naylor came 10th. Diane Mitson had a good run, finishing 3rd on the Women's open course. Dora Deaville came 7th on Women's ultra vets in 51:41

We had 4 on Men's Super vets, Henry Morgan did best coming 16th. Jim Cooke, Gerry Riley and Dave Bales were all within 3 minutes in 25th, 26th and 27th place. 

Peter Yoxall in Ultra Vets came 34th in 77 minutes for the 4.1k course. Ellie Bales came first but was non competitive on Women's super vets course. Mother Lil was 7th on the same course.

 Above - Jean Rostron on her way to winning!


Dave Bales near the finish                                                                                                                                        


The JK starts on good friday - 4 days of quality orienteering around Cannock Chase, the areas separated by only 15 miles.

Day 1 is the SPRINT RACE on MOD Stafford, hosted by Walton Chasers OC (WCH) and Royal Signals OC (RSOC). This is a little used area and will be new to most people.

Day 2 is the MIDDLE RACE on Brereton Spurs, hosted by Octavian Droobers (OD). Last used in 2014 for the British Middles and 2015 for the Junior Inter-regional, it has been remapped for the first time using LIDAR data.

Day 3 is the LONG RACE on Beaudesert and Brereton Hayes, hosted by Potteries OC (POTOC) and Wrekin Orienteers (WRE). Beaudesert has been used over many years for top class events, the last one being the Midland Champs in 2009. The tricky terrain has been remapped for the first time using LIDAR data.

Day 4 is the RELAYS on Beaudesert, hosted by Harlequins OC (HOC) and City of Birmingham OC (COBOC). The relays will use some of the same area as the long race, but the planning will not make it easy for you!


JK relays

We have entered 3 teams:

JK Trophy: Rob Holdway, Graham Pigott, Martin Pigott

Senior Women: Ellie Bales, Lil Bales, Ianka Evans

Ultra Vets: Dave Bales, Jean Rostron, Peter Yoxall


Martin Pigott

Club Captain

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