POTOC Captains ReportCaptain’s Report 11th September 2018


Hanley UK Urban League

It was an extremely successful day with 169 competitors running through the streets and parkland.

Luckily, after some initial rain before 8 whilst I was putting controls out, it brightened up and was pleasant for the runners and all the club helpers.

We had excellent feedback on the day and from those who responded to our website request, and scored high on friendly and helpful club members!

Thanks go to the large numbers of club helpers.

Results are on the website here - Hanley results

Routegadget is here - Hanley routegadget

A headcam video of course 2 is here - Course 2 headcam


Compass Sport Trophy Final - October 21st

The final is hosted by Walton Chasers at Abraham's Valley, near Rugeley.

We are competing against these clubs in the Trophy competition.

BL Border Liners Orienteers,  CLYDE Clydeside Orienteers, EPOC East Pennine Orienteering Club, GO Guildford Orienteers,  INT Interlopers Orienteering, NWO North Wiltshire Orienteers, QO Quantock Orienteers, SARUM Sarum Orienteering Club  SBOC Swansea Bay Orienteering Club, SROC South Ribble Orienteering Club, SUFFOC Suffolk Orienteering Club,  SWOC South Wales Orienteering Club, WCH Walton Chasers Orienteering Club,  WIM Wimborne Orienteers.

All club members should have received an email from me, asking if you can run in the final. Please respond by September 22nd.


Cheers Martin Pigott

Club Captain

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Permanent Courses

Why not try out orienteering at one of our permanent courses?

We have courses at:

  • Apedale
  • Bathpool Park
  • Biddulph Grange
  • Brough Park
  • Downs Banks
  • Ladderedge
  • Hanley Forest Park
  • Tunstall Park
  • Westport Lake

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