POTOC Captains ReportCaptain’s Report 29th October 2018


Compass Sport Trophy Final - October 21st Abraham's Valley, Cannock Chase

We had an excellent turnout of 33 runners for our 2nd venture to the final in the space of 3 years.

We were competing against these clubs in the Trophy competition.

BL Border Liners Orienteers,  CLYDE Clydeside Orienteers, EPOC East Pennine Orienteering Club, GO Guildford Orienteers,  INT Interlopers Orienteering, NWO North Wiltshire Orienteers, QO Quantock Orienteers, SARUM Sarum Orienteering Club  SBOC Swansea Bay Orienteering Club, SROC South Ribble Orienteering Club, SUFFOC Suffolk Orienteering Club,  SWOC South Wales Orienteering Club, WCH Walton Chasers Orienteering Club,  WIM Wimborne Orienteers.

It was a fantastically organised event by Walton Chasers and the sun stayed out right up until we were taking the tent down, when the drizzle arrived!

SYO won the Cup competition for large clubs with over 100 members.

Interlopers (INT, from Scotland) won the Trophy competition for small clubs with less than 100 members. EPOC were 2nd in the Trophy and SROC 3rd.

We came 12th out of 15 teams competing in the Compass Sport Trophy. Which was a little disappointing considering the clubs just above us had at least 10 fewer runners.

With a few better performances we could have definitely been inside the top 10!

Our points total was 1056 from the 13 highest scores:

Alex Evans 98pts 2nd on Orange in 30:09

Martin Pigott 94pts 7th on Short Brown in 76:32

Rich Pigott 88pts 13th on Short Brown in 80:43

Paul Graetz 85pts 16th on Green in 53:40

Ellie Bales 84pts 9th on Junior Green in 52:41

Rob Holdway 84pts 17th on Brown in 103:30

Graham Pigott 81pts 20th on Brown in 105:03

Clare Baron 76pts 25th on Blue in 116:32

John Pigott 75pts 26th on Short Green in 72:07

Peter Yoxall 74pts 27th on Short Green in 72:50

Alison Corbett 73pts 28th on Green in 69:56

Henry Morgan 72pts 29th on Blue in 81:54

Dave Bales 72pts 29th on Green in 71:21


Results are on WCH here - CST Final Results

Our next event is on November 10th at Stone Common - see you there.

Cheers Martin Pigott

Club Captain

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