POTOC Captains ReportCaptain’s Report 18th March 2019


Compass Sport Trophy

The Compass Sport Trophy took place at Bentley Woods on Sunday, 33 of us made the trip to attempt to reach the final. It was cold and windy first thing but at least it was bright and a good temperature for running once you got going.

This year we had even more competition as HOC have become a small club. We were also up against WCH, WRE, COBOC, SMOC and SUFFOC.

We had some excellent performances, with 3 course winners and a 2nd place. Everybody played their part in helping us achieve a satisfying result, considering the winners HOC had 23 more runners than us!

Here are the 13 POTOC scorers giving us a 1249 Total and 3rd place in the Trophy Competition.

Martin Pigott - Short Brown 100

Paul Graetz -Vets Short Green 100

Judy Douglas - Super Vets green 100

Ellie Bales - Blue Women 99

Henry Morgan - Green Men 98

Mike Derbyshire - Green Men 96

Graham Pigott - Brown 96

Rich Pigott - Short Brown 96

Jean Rostron - Super Vets green 96

Lil Bales - Green Women 94

William Barnett - Junior Green 92

Rob Holdway - Brown 92

Claire Baron - Blue Women 90

Club Scores

1st HOC 1273, 2nd WCH 1265, 3rd POTOC 1249, 4th WRE 1236, 5th SUFFOC 1207, 6th SMOC 1206, 7th COBOC 284

Results here on OD website


Martin's Manchester Marathon

I'm running my first ever marathon on April 7th and raising money for Myeloma UK. 

My father-in-law was diagnosed with the disease in 2015. If you would like to donate, please visit my JustGiving page.


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Our next event is an activity at Northwood and Hanley on Wednesday 10th April.

Our 2019 full event schedule can be found on the EVENTS PAGE

Martin Pigott

Club Captain

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Permanent Courses

Why not try out orienteering at one of our permanent courses?

We have courses at:

  • Apedale
  • Bathpool Park
  • Biddulph Grange
  • Brough Park
  • Downs Banks
  • Ladderedge
  • Hanley Forest Park
  • Tunstall Park
  • Westport Lake

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