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Come and try orienteering!

Potteries Orienteering Club is the local club for Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire. We are a friendly and welcoming club who aim to make the sport as accessible to as many people as possible.

We have a FREE activity that takes place at Lyme Valle, which is a totally new area for us, complete with new map! This activity makes use of the new MapRun technology that we are implementing at some of our activities.

Orienteering is a fun sport that adds a new challenge to your fitness activity. Rather than follow a set route, you get to decide which you think is easiest and quickest. The aim of this activity is to get to as many of the controls as possible within 45mins.

The MapRun app will track your route as well as your progress, enabling you live real time data once you have completed the activity to check your performance.

It really is good fun and we would love you to come along and give it a try!

Simply complete the quick and easy registration form below (so we can print you off a paper map) and we will send you over all the details you need.

Full Details:

Lyme Valley
Start Anytime Between 10am - 12pm
Under 16's Accompanied by an Adult
Meet at the red POTOC flag (near the carpark)

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Permanent Courses

Why not try out orienteering at one of our permanent courses?

We have courses at:

  • Apedale
  • Bathpool Park
  • Biddulph Grange
  • Brough Park
  • Downs Banks
  • Ladderedge
  • Hanley Forest Park
  • Tunstall Park
  • Westport Lake

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