MapRun Challenge 2020

MapRun Challenge is an exciting challenge that we have developed to enable everyone, regardless of ability to get fit and active in 2020!

Sadly, we all know that due to Covid19 exercising in groups is not possible, however thanks to the wonders of technology and the amazing MapRunF mobile application this does not have to stop the fun of running, exploring and orienteering in the local parks around Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire and South Cheshire.

The MapRun Challenge series is all about enabling everyone regardless or age, ability or experience to have fun to experience orienteering in the local parks near to them. Simply download the MapRunF app to your iPhone or Andriod device and then follow the instructions below to get active and having fun.

How it works?

Each week we will publish a new a new course on our website (the list will be published on this page) and we will encourage you to complete the course over the next 7 days. You can either follow the digital map that is on your phone, or you can print off a paper copy of the map and take it with you. The MapRunF app will do all the smart work, as it will track the root that you will run and it will "beep" every time that you get to one of the controls (the circles that you will see on the map).

At the end when you get back to the finish the MapRunF app will show you the route you have ran, how many controls you visited and the amount of time that it has taken you to complete the course. You can also then find a leader-board overall for the course and compare your route and times to others, if you want to add that element of competition. We will also produce our own fun leader board - more details on that below.

Isn't MapRun Challange going to be complicated?

NO! Some people like to make out that it's difficult, however we have loads of newbies who try the sport and love the sense of fun and challenge that it brings. The maps for the local parts are really straight forward to use, as paths are clearly marked as are all the objects that you may typically see as you walk around the park. It may seem a little weird at first because of the colours used, however very quickly you learn that the open grassland is orange on the map!

It is all explained in the video below.

MapRun ChallengePosted by POTOC Potteries Orienteering Club on Sunday, 10 May 2020

What is the purpose of MapRun Challenge?

Simply to get to all the controls in the quickest time possible, whilst ensuring that you are having fun and enjoying yourself.


Each week we will publish different courses below that will be the challenge for you to complete. You can do this at anytime / date that you please in the set week.

Click on the course name to download a printable map that is in PDF format. (Opens in a new window a file that is located in Google Drive).

Week Course Course Type How to Find
1 Central Forest Park  60 Min Score  Link
2 Westport Lake  Linear  Link
3 Hanley Park  Linear  Link
4 Whitfield Valley Score  60 Min Score  Link
5 Leek Town Centre  60 Min Score  Link
6 Meir Park Urban  Linear  Link
7 Birchenwood Country Park  Linear  Link
8 Berryhill Fields  Linear  Link
9 Festival Park  Linear  Link
10 Cheddleton  60 Min Score  Link
11 Whitefield Valley North  Linear  Link
12 Burslem  60 Min Score  Link
13 Alsager Salt Line  60 Min Score  Link
14 Tunstall Park  Linear  Link
15 Odds and Evens Berryhill Fields  60 Min Score  Link
16 Stone Town Centre  Linear  Link
17 Sandbach Town Centre  60 Min Score  Link
18 Congleton  60 Min Score  Link


MapRun Challenge Fun Leagues

You can find the most recent league standings for each MapRun Challenge below. These are effectively "live" and will update as people complete the challenges. Remember it is all about fun and you can run, jog or walk any of the routes - these tables are purly for fun and for your own personal target setting. (Each link opens in a new window).

Central Forest Park Results Table

Westport Lake Results Table

Hanley Park Results Table

Whitefield Valley Results Table

Leek Town Centre Urban Results Table

Meir Park Urban Results Table

Birchenwood Country Park Results Table

Berryhill Fields Results Table

Festival Park Results Table

Cheddleton Results Table

Whitfield Valley North Results Table

Burslem Results Table

Alsager Salt Line Results Table

Tunstall Park Results Table

Odds and Evens Results Table

Stone Town Centre Resuls Table

Sandbach Results Table

Congleton Results Table


MapRun Troubleshooting Guide

If on the off chance you have any issues with the MapRunF App and the GPS location feature of your phone. Please see the information in this guide.

MapRunF Troubleshooting Guide

These are unsupervised challenges so you complete at your own risk. Please let others know where you are going.



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