Apedale Local Event 27th November - RESULTS


Planners comments - Marian Denham

Despite a slightly snowy start at 7.00am , precipitation soon ceased and all controls were ready by 10.10.

It had helped massively that I had the stakes & banners out on the furthest areas the day before, so all I had to do was insert the boxes.

I have to apologise to all competitors who were affected by control 119 being on the wrong hill.

Thanks to Mike D for helping to collect in with Henry M and me.

Well done to all who turned up, they seemed to enjoy the run

Thanks also to Gordon Witte who organised the event.


Bathpool Park West Midlands League - 24th October 2021

Results,  Routegadget

POTOC's first level C for almost 2 years was very well supported by over 140 runners competing for West Midlands League points. The club owe a big thankyou to Kidsgrove Cricket Club who were tremendously supportive of the event at all stages.

Planners comments - Jim Cooke

In 2020 POTOC commissioned the re-drawing of the Bathpool map and thanks to Rod Postlethwaite we now had an excellent new map we were keen to use for a level C event.

Gordon Witte and myself started to plan the event about 18 months ago, but the pandemic and lockdowns meant it couldn’t take place in October 2020. However, it was kept on the back burner until finally we could hold the event 12 months later than originally planned.

Whilst we were originally checking for control sites, we discovered a gate which gave direct access from Bathpool park into the cricket ground which was to be our event centre. The cricket club kindly gave us permission to use the gate and we decided to use it for all courses for the run-in to the finish. This proved popular with competitors and helpers alike.

As for the courses, we found planning the white and yellow most difficult as not all control sites have suitable anchor points for gripples. Brown and Blue courses looked very busy on the maps until we made them double sided and we had to be creative to make sure there weren’t out and back controls.

Most competitors seemed to enjoy the courses and it’s good to see the different route choices made on Routegadget.

Thanks to Clive Richardson for controlling and all the helpers putting out and collecting in controls.


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Berry Hill - 26th June 2021, Routegadget

Biddulph Grange Country Park - 22nd May 2021, Routegadget

Ladderedge Country Park - 24th April 2021, Routegadget


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