Here you can find a general overview of the results published for each of our events. Click on the event you wish to view the results for. 

You can see a more detailed results break down for every event via our Route Gadget link (opens in a new window). Here you have the ability to upload (if you have a GPS tracker / watch) or plot your actual route, which is a great way of reviewing how others have tackled the course.



Biddulph Grange Country Park - 22nd May 2021

Biddulph Routegadget


Ladderedge Country Park - 24th April 2021

Festive Sprint Challenge Times

Tunstall Park

Central Forest Park

Longton Park


Apedale Results - 22nd February 2020

Central Forest Park MapRun Activity (Link to review your own stats) - 11th January 2020

POTOC Club League


Lockdown 2 Challenge Fun Leagues

Norton Heights Results Table

Whitehill Results Table

Cheadle Results Table

Sandbach Results Table

Congleton Results Table


MapRun Challenge Fun Leagues

Central Forest Park Results Table

Westport Lake Results Table

Hanley Park Results Table

Whitefield Valley Results Table

Leek Town Centre Urban Results Table

Meir Park Urban Results Table

Birchenwood Country Park Results Table

Berryhill Fields Results Table

Festival Park Results Table

Cheddleton Results Table

Whitfield Valley North Results Table

Burslem Results Table

Alsager Salt Line Results Table

Tunstall Park Results Table

Odds and Evens Results Table

Stone Town Centre Resuls Table

Sandbach Results Table

Congleton Results Table


Downs Banks Results - 1st December 2019

Leek Urban Results - 3rd November 2019

West Midlands Relay Results - 22nd September 2019

Brough Park Results - 25th August 2019

POTOC Summer Parks Series League Table (Men)

POTOC Summer Parks Series League Table (Women)

Festival Park Results - 27th July 2019

Biddulph Grange Results - 20th July 2019

Central Forest Park Results - 29th June 2019

Tunstall Park Results - 15th June 2019

Longton & Florence Results - 1st June 2019

Park Hall Results - 12th May 2019

Ladderedge Results - 13th April 2019

School Championship Results

Primary School Results

Middle School Results

Secondary School Results

Bathpool Results - 9th March 2019

Apedale Results - 16th February 2019

Alsager Urban Activity - 12th January 2019

POTOC Club League



Stone Results - 10th November 2018

Berryhill Results - 13th October 2018

Hanley Urban Results - 9th September 2018

Park Hall Score Event - 12th August 2018

Festival Park Event - 14th July 2018 - Event 5 of Summer Parks Series

Brough Park Event - 23rd June 2018 - Event 4 of Summer Parks Series

Longton and Florence Event - 9th June 2018 - Event 3 of Summer Parks Series

Whitfield Valley Local Event - 26th May 2018 - Event 2 of Summer Parks Series

Biddulph Grange Country Park Local Event - 7th May 2018 - Event 1 of Summer Parks Series

Staffordshire Schools Championships - 8th March 2018

Bathpool Park Local Event - 17th Feburary 2018 

Tunstall Park and Scotia Valley Local Event - 13th January 2018

POTOC Club League

Summer Parks Series 2018 - League Table

2018 POTOC Virtual Trophy Cabinet



Biddulph Grange Local Event - 18th November 2017

Downs Banks - 14th October 2017

Fenton Park - 16th September 2017

Park Hall Score Event - 13th August 2017

Festival Park Local Event - 4th June 2017

Longton & Florence Parks - 24th June 2017

Central Forest Park - 10th June 2017

Tunstall Park - 20th May 2017

Ladderedge Country Park - 22nd April 2017

Apedale Local Event - 4th Feb 2017

Laurie Bradley New Year's Day Score Event

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  • Brough Park
  • Downs Banks
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  • Hanley Forest Park
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  • Westport Lake

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