Here you can find the results from the Ladderedge Country Park Event, which took place on 22/04/2017.

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1.6km 60m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Sophie Deaville + 1 IND W10 49:40
2nd Huw Davies + 1 IND   52:13
3rd Grace Cutting + 1 IND W3 52:21
4th Alex Walker & Marcus Hutton ASACF M14 123:35

Long Hard

4.7km 195m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Richard Pigott POTOC M35 36:35
2nd Martin Pigott POTOC M40 39:46
3rd Jonathan Whilock IND M50 45:01
4th Samuel Naylor POTOC M21 46:25
5th Clive Richardson WRE M50 46:26
6th Ian Hopkins WRE M50 46:36
7th Jim Cooke POTOC M55 51:51
8th Anne Moore IND W40 54:23
9th Andrew Vickerman IND M35 54:55
10th Ianka Petrova Evans POTOC W50 56:51
11th Paul Armstrong DVO M60 57:39
12th Sharron Richardson WRE W45 59:56
13th Amy Teasdale IND W21 61:16
14th Laurence Woodcock IND M21 61:49
15th Claire Alcock POTOC W35 67:23
16th Denise Broom POTOC W55 68:36
17th Alison Corbett POTOC W50 69:22
18th John Whitelock POTOC M65 88:24
m19 Gerry Riley POTOC M55 61:22
w16 Mark Clews POTOC M21 87:11
m20-22 Josh Harvey IND M21 116:01

Short Hard

2.8km 105m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ellie Bales POTOC W18 26:07
2nd Tom Coombes BHS M16 27:35
3rd Mike Derbyshire BAOC M60 28:09
4th Ceri Taylor POTOC M16 30:23
5th Ian Ankers IND M60 32:25
6th John Sherwood DEE M70 35:39
7th Gordon Witte POTOC M60 36:41
8th Nathan Townshend POTOC M60 38:16
9th John Pigott POTOC M70 38:32
10th David Marshallsay POTOC M60 39:04
11th Alexander Evans POTOC M14 40:47
12th Jess Whilock IND W21 45:47
13th Derek Turner WRE M75 51:11
14th Ian Harvey IND M50 62:56
15th Dave Sparks POTOC M70 79:27
16th Joshua Bevan ASACF M16 94:12
17th Olaf Zelazko & Dominic Storey ASACF M14 111:25
m13 Nicole Taylor IND W21 35:52
m7-13 Alex Nicholson & Connor Baker ASACF M14 143:32
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