Here you can find the results from the Central Forest Park Event which took place on 10/06/2017.

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1.5km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Remee Yates & Molly Ambrose IND W11 18:05
2nd Darcy Brooks IND W9 24:32
3rd Quinten Yates + 1 IND M8 55:38

Long Hard

4.2km 180m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Martin Pigott POTOC M40 35:48
2nd Robert Holdway POTOC M21 36:29
3rd David Dunn RSOC M35 37:45
4th Clive Richardson WRE M50 39:41
5th Tom Disney DEE M21 41:09
6th Graham Nilsen DEE M55 44:42
7th Henry Morgan POTOC M60 45:42
8th Paul Graetz POTOC M70 46:03
9th Dave Bales POTOC M60 48:08
10th Peter Munn POTOC M60 50:15
11th Craig Storey WRE M55 50:56
12th Sharron Richardson WRE W45 51:53
13th Neil Woodley POTOC M55 53:29
14th John Broadhead WRE M60 54:04
15th Anna Nilsen DEE W55 54:35
16th Gordon Witte POTOC M60 55:14
17th Mark Clews POTOC M21 55:34
18th Elizabeth Bales POTOC W55 62:39
19th Jonathan Whilock IND M50 63:52
20th Marian Denham POTOC W70 68:27


1.7km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Beatrice Clarke & Molly Foster IND W12 44:07
2nd Bethan Brooks + 1 IND M12 55:19
3rd Remee Yates + 3 IND W11 66:46
m4-8 Holly Barnett POTOC W12 58:57

Short Hard

3.2km 110m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st John Pigott POTOC M70 50:21
2nd Barbara Farr POTOC W70 59:04
3rd Derek Turner WRE M75 64:24
4th Austin Farr POTOC M70 72:20
5th Dave Sparks POTOC M70 81:37
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