Here you can find the results from the Bathpool Park Local Event Local Event, which took place on Saturday, 17th Feburary 2018.

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2.0km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Melissa Stubbs IND W45 16:59
2nd Jonathan Blackburn IND M21 25:19
3rd Sylvia Rowe POTOC W70 37:29
4th Adam Rowe ESOC M8 38:04
5th David Pickering and Samuel Pickering IND M35 45:44
m4-8 Simon Lang IND M35 29:03
m3-11 Amanda Lovatt + Emma Carr + Nicola Stevens IND W50 51:56


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Long Hard

6.2km 155m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st James Bennett WCH M21 56:40
2nd D Mitson POTOC W40 74:24
3rd Anne Whitelock IND W40 75:24
4th Samuel Naylor POTOC M21 76:26
5th Jonathan Whilock POTOC M50 81:56
6th Simon Somerville SMAC M50 86:34
7th Paul Watson MDOC M40 89:47
8th Ian Ankers POTOC M65 103:50
9th Dallas Moss IND M40 133:25
m7-19 Richard Geary IND M35 57:08
w9 Mark Clews POTOC M21 86:10
w9 Reg Simpson DEE M65 87:53


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2.5km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alexander Evans POTOC M14 23:34
2nd Olivia Joe and Timbey Peach BDS W12 54:12
3rd Harrison Radley and Taylor Wilkes BDS M12 57:18
4th Mandy Ankers IND W50 62:16
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Short Hard

3.7km 90m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Mike Godfree DVO M65 44:23
2nd Ianka Petrova Evans POTOC W50 44:36
3rd Tom Coombes BMS M18 52:18
4th Clare Johnson IND W40 56:27
5th Kate Bryant MDOC W65 59:39
6th Stephen Martin MDOC M55 60:27
7th Liz Godfree DVO W70 65:51
8th Nathan Townsend IND M60 66:23
9th Barbara Farr POTOC W75 67:24
10th Alexander Evans POTOC M14 69:59
11th Peter Yoxall POTOC M70 70:15
12th Austin Farr POTOC M70 76:43
13th John Whitelock IND M65 79:02
14th Zoe Geary IND W35 83:48
15th Derek Turner WRE M75 89:27
16th Dawn Moss IND W43 92:15
m5-6 Jean Rostron POTOC W75 86:30


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