Here you can find the results from the Staffordshire Schools Championships, which took place on Thursday, 8th March 2018.

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3.3km 115m

Pos Name School Time
1st Alex Evans ALS 32:46
2nd Sam Humphries & Daniel Agnew BHS 64:11
3rd Eric Creed & Charlie Abbots BHS 79:25


3.3km 105m

Pos Name School Time
1st Holly Stodgell WHS 28:40
2nd Hollie Rhodes & Rebecca Fitzjohn WHS 42:14
3rd Chloe Bresslin & Amelie Rutter-Bitton WHS 51:28
4th Hannah Daniels WHS 58:40
5th Issy Chivers BHS 75:24
w14 Charlotte Coombes BHS 36:53


3.3km 115m

Pos Name School Time
1st Henry Webb WHS 25:08
2nd Alfie Hurst BHS 39:08
3rd Tom Averill & Jack Murphit BHS 39:49


1.8km 30m

Pos Name School Time
1st Maisy Cottrell + Hannah Weeks JB 51:15
n/c Jessica Christley and Lacey Foster WMS 57:21
2nd Izzy Squires and Bobbi Leech WMS 93:37
3rd Layla Gordon and Millie Plumley WMS 94:17
m11-16 Grace Jenkins/Imogen Brooks CCA 64:00
m16 Alfie Wright and Cole Cassidy WMS 91:49


1.8km 30m

Pos Name School Time
1st William Seadon/ Alfie Allman CCA 28:49
2nd Louis Jacques/ Antonio Perredda CCA 30:53
3rd Reece Potts and Liam Weatherall WMS 38:50
4th Oliver Bowmaker & Olivia Hunt CCA 42:26
5th Quinten Yates + Thomas Warburton-Donohue JB 47:49
6th Charlie Simcock + Lennon Davies JB 49:41
7th Pepe Goodwin/ Frankie Lowe CCA 53:34
8th Louis Brown + Peter Rogers JB 54:10
9th Josh Olivant & Archie White CCA 57:59
10th Harrison Johns/ Jack Hardy CCA 59:16


1.8km 30m

Pos Name School Time
1st Freya Snape + Paige Copestake JB 20:50
2nd Mia Callan and Lucy Berry WMS 34:13
3rd Izzy Lacey and Harriet Rothwell WMS 39:12
4th Amber Pender & Jessica Holland JB 45:29
5th Sasha Moffatt and Izzy Carroll WMS 53:13
6th Saraya Pearce and Ellie Zschiesche WMS 56:12
7th Laila James & Emma Northfield CCA 57:52


1.8km 30m

Pos Name School Time
1st Owen Hadnum-Bibby + Lyall Stanway JB 20:30
2nd Daniel Hilditch and Adam Mellor WMS 28:19
3rd Thomas Sherwin and James Williamson WMS 32:30
4th Bradley Dale and Caven Mallet WMS 33:24
5th Lewis Townsend + Jack Muni JB 41:14
6th Jack Darlington/ Luke Jones CCA 41:19
7th Jamie Steele + Lloyd Barber JB 44:45


2.3km 45m

Pos Name School Time
1st Remee Yates & Jody Collinson JB 27:27
2nd Emily Wain + Ellie-May Berrisford JB 29:21
3rd Mia Hill + Viktoria Jochymczak JB 32:23
4th Sacha Bailey and Holly Wilshaw WMS 32:37
5th Rosie Wayne/ Isabelle Howen CCA 33:43
6th Faith Griffin and Bella Franklin-Jones BWM 34:21
7th Lucy Graham/ Isabelle Gliddon CCA 34:38
8th Georgia Cave & Beth Shenton WHS 34:45
9th Angel Wood and Eliza Rae Edwards BWM 39:07
10th Lilybeth Mountford + Ashlee Carroll JB 42:56
11th Katie Ward + Skyla Cartwright JB 45:30
12th Abbie Burton/ Isabel Agell CCA 49:04
13th Abi Owen/ Sarah Miszczycha CCA 60:59
14th Niamh McQuade and Hannah Porter WMS 62:40
m8 Sarah Forest WHS 27:23


2.4km 45m

Pos Name School Time
1st Kian Rushton/ Harrison Lovatt CCA 21:30
2nd Alisdair Morrice and Owen Ridley BWM 28:07
3rd Jake Maydew and Nathan Walker WMS 31:24
4th Daniel Hill/ Ameer CCA 36:52
5th George Elliott + Liam Hogan JB 40:11
6th Jamie Lawrence + Noah Whitehurst-Dodds JB 44:18
7th Joe Clayton/ Ben Broome CCA 46:00
8th Noah Mansell + Jaydn Brown JB 46:16
9th Louis Rhodes and Jed Michael BWM 47:21
10th Callum Oakes and Ethan Weatherall WMS 47:36
11th George Keeling/ Fabian Kowalski CCA 49:33
12th Bradley Turner and Oliver Johnson WMS 50:10
m16 Daniel Foulkes/ Edward Batchelor CCA 28:46
m13 Rhys Andrews and Luke Hopkinson WMS 29:32
m6-7 Rohan Woodman and Peter Hill BWM 36:23


2.3km 45m

Pos Name School Time
1st Jess Bailey and Maddie Hawthorne WMS 20:46
2nd Charlotte Daniels WHS 22:37
3rd Charlotte Nightingale and Erin Wellington WMS 27:39
4th Amelia White/ Lara Tuckwell CCA 28:03
5th Faye Butler/ Claudia Asprey CCA 28:21
6th Ruby Sagar and Sophie Baker WMS 29:39
7th Beatrice Clarke/ Chloe Evans CCA 31:15
8th Evie Wall and Grace Woodward BWM 31:25
9th Freya Hickman and Isabelle Vickers BWM 33:37
10th Daisy Poutney/ Maisy White CCA 34:28
11th Maisie Barber + Almira Wallace JB 35:22
12th Danielle Wake and Ellie Bolas BWM 35:46
13th Jorja Carroll + Leah Fraser JB 45:38
14th Shizelle Porter/ Megan Dodd CCA 49:45
15th Niamh Diack and Lexy Pointon WMS 52:31
16th Charlotte Fraser and Freya Buttrick BWM 56:00
m8 Poppy Massey CCA 22:01
m16 Molly Ambrose + Beth Duda JB 34:32
w7 Emily Rowland/ Maidie Page CCA 34:56


2.4km 45m

Pos Name School Time
1st James Shaw and Sam Green BWM 19:41
2nd Max Barclay and Sam Blandford WMS 19:48
3rd Ben Whitaker CCA 20:54
4th Harry Honeyman and Charlie Meir WMS 20:56
5th Harry Jones and Seth Bailey WMS 21:01
6th Gethin Ellis/ Alex Robson CCA 21:18
7th Will Harris and Harry Shaw BWM 21:55
8th Hugo Rudd/ Jacob Keyse CCA 22:54
9th Callum Walters/ Lucas Wood CCA 26:09
10th Will Jenkins/ Alexi Sokoloff CCA 27:52
11th Dominic Hanscomb/ Oliver Hagemeijer CCA 32:45
12th Nathaniel Walsh and Ryan Barnett WMS 33:16
13th Dominic Jones and Ewan Jones BWM 33:51
14th Jacon Morris and Morgan Bolas BWM 33:52
15th Reuban Whitehurst-Dodds + Jack Copestake JB 40:59
16th Dan Mander + Joe Sharrock JB 41:44
17th Isaac Curno WHS 41:47
18th Jacob Doughty and Henry Hill BWM 47:56
m15 Max Underwood/ Kieran Fee CCA 29:15


3.3km 105m

Pos Name School Time
1st Maddy Batchelor WHS 36:48
2nd Millie Rourke & Ellie Cliffe BHS 73:16
3rd Olivia Smith & Freya Bainbridge BHS 76:36
4th Holly Carr BHS 78:20
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