Here you can find the results from the Apedale Event, which took place on Saturday, 16th February 2019.

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2.1km 75m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Emma Carr & Nigel Moult IND   31:28  
2nd Wil & Lisa Hackforth + 2 IND M9 32:30 +1:02
3rd Simon Davies & Lisa Young IND   36:50 +5:22
4th Huw Davies + 1 IND M5 37:01 +5:33
5th Morgan Davies + 1 IND M4 37:11 +5:43
6th Laura Hodgkinson + 1 IND   57:14 +25:46

Split times and more details can be viewed here.

Long Hard


6.8km 220m

1st Finlay Johnson SROC M18 44:51  
2nd Mark Burley MDOC M21 46:01 +1:10
3rd Clive Richardson WRE M50 49:15 +4:24
4th Richard Pigott POTOC M40 51:30 +6:39
5th Mike Johnson SROC M55 53:13 +8:22
6th David Dunn WCH M40 57:00 +12:09
7th Jonathan Whilock POTOC M50 58:30 +13:39
8th Henry Morgan POTOC M65 66:07 +21:16
9th Andrew Vickerman POTOC M50 66:23 +21:32
10th Adam Bushnell POTOC M21 68:40 +23:49
11th Paul Graetz POTOC M70 69:09 +24:18
12th Victoria Mc Creadie WCH W35 71:50 +26:59
13th Simon Crocker DEE M60 75:07 +30:16
14th Ian Ankers POTOC M70 82:53 +38:02

Split times and more details can be viewed here.



3km 135m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st John Broadhead WRE M60 28:38  
2nd Darcy Dunn WCH W14 32:39 +4:01
3rd Hector & Laurence Ogden + 1 IND M10 37:21 +8:43
4th Jan Belza SARUM M75 37:37 +8:59
5th Paula Furnival IND W50 39:00 +10:22
6th Remee Yates, Almira Wallace & Joisa Carroll BHS   40:22 +11:44
7th Chris Miller DEVON M60 42:40 +14:02
8th Elizabeth & Emily Vickerman POTOC W10 46:07 +17:29
9th Lewis Bostock + 1 IND M16 52:50 +24:12
10th Phoebe, Richard & Zoe Geary IND W14 59:46 +31:08
11th Joe Peach & Harrison BISC M12 66:00 +37:22
12th Masson Cookson & Cameron Harvey BISC M10 82:51 +54:13
  Alex Sparks + 1 IND   m7 m9-12  
  Phillip Broadhead WRE M90 mF  

Split times and more details can be viewed here.

Short Hard


4.3km 140m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Martin Green MDOC M65 43:27  
2nd Deb Murrell SROC W50 45:01 +1:34
3rd Mike Godfree DVO M70 47:01 +3:34
4th Andy Sykes DVO M50 47:31 +4:04
5th Mike Derbyshire BAOC M60 47:56 +4:29
6th Elizabeth Bales POTOC W55 50:10 +6:43
7th Gordon Witte POTOC M60 53:04 +9:37
8th Liz Godfree DVO W70 54:33 +11:06
9th Kate Bryant MDOC W65 62:30 +19:03
10th Barry Chambers   M65 63:58 +20:31
11th John Sherwood DEE M70 64:01 +20:34
12th Richard Lewis WRE M65 67:27 +24:00
13th Denise Broom POTOC W55 68:58 +25:31
14th John Pigott POTOC M70 71:12 +27:45
15th Mark Clews POTOC M21 71:29 +28:02
16th Austin Farr POTOC M75 72:59 +29:32
17th Barbara Farr POTOC W75 87:37 +44:10
  George Strang IND M70 m9  
  Dave Sparks POTOC M70 m3 m14  
Split times and more details can be viewed here.
Planners Comments
I believe everyone enjoyed the courses and the weather was very kind. My apologies for the error on long hard. I knew I would be pushed for time to put out on saturday, so I put out 124 to 129 friday night . Unfortunately it was actually dark by the time I got to 128, so I followed the gully up - NOT far enough  (power lines not visible then ) ,then failed to verify it saturday. VERY sorry folks .

As the actual control was NOT in the correct place it has been agreed to delete 129 (control 19) from the hard course results.

Marian Denham


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