Results for Summer Park Series 4 Biddulph Grange

Here you can find the results from the Biddulph Grange Event, which took place on Saturday, 20th July 2019.

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2.1km 60m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Daniel Pigott & Eden Pigott POTOC M10 18:37  
2nd Holly Moore POTOC W10 19:30 +0:53
3rd Morgan Davies IND M4 26:20 +7:43
4th Noreen Turner WRE W75 29:30 +10:53
5th Freddie Cooke IND M8 30:49 +12:12
6th Freyja & Mick Byrne IND   31:39 +13:02
7th Huw Davies IND M6 33:46 +15:09
  Mohammed Baif & Hadien Baif IND M10 w9  
  Tom Statham IND M14 mS m10  
  Max Kiely IND M10 dsq m1 m10  

Long Hard


5.8km 260m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Martin Pigott POTOC M40 44:50  
2nd Robert Holdway POTOC M35 46:55 +2:05
3rd Jake O'Donnell DVO M14 47:16 +2:26
4th Clive Richardson WRE M50 53:27 +8:37
5th David Newton DVO M40 54:40 +9:50
6th Andy Sykes DVO M50 55:21 +10:31
7th Jonathan Whilock POTOC M50 55:57 +11:07
8th Andrew Rowe POTOC M40 59:29 +14:39
9th Ingwahang Jabegu RSOC M35 71:39 +26:49
10th Stephen Bingham MDOC M60 72:01 +27:11
11th Anne Moore POTOC W40 73:46 +28:56
12th John Broadhead WRE M60 74:52 +30:02
13th Reg Simpson DEE M65 78:47 +33:57
14th John Williams MDOC M65 79:09 +34:19
15th Chris O'Donnell DVO M50 80:18 +35:28
16th Ian Ankers POTOC M70 88:29 +43:39
17th Suman Gurung RSOC M21 92:09 +47:19



2.6km 85m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Victoria,Kristy & David Jones IND W12 27:40  
2nd Bethan Dunn WCH W16 30:24 +2:44
3rd Lesley Norton WRE W75 40:07 +12:27
4th Phillip Broadhead WRE M90 41:39 +13:59
5th Mathew Linney IND M40 43:18 +15:38
6th Cameron Harvey & Maiso Harvey BISC M12 80:14 +52:34
7th Charlotte Whitehurst & Seth Waterhouse IND W10 91:38 +63:58
  Daniel & Christian Jones IND M12 m1-2  
  Iestyn Berry IND M14 mS  

Short Hard


3.9km 165m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Bruce Bryant OD M60 41:35  
2nd Jim Cooke POTOC M55 46:30 +4:55
3rd Ralph Phipps POTOC M70 51:30 +9:55
4th Rod Postlethwaite WRE M65 55:17 +13:42
5th Gordon Witte POTOC M60 55:26 +13:51
n/c Darcy Dunn + 1 WCH W12 56:07  
6th Kate Bryant MDOC W65 56:44 +15:09
7th Liz Phillips OD W55 57:23 +15:48
8th Mark Clews POTOC M35 57:32 +15:57
9th Alun Denbury IND M21 64:34 +22:59
10th Alan Barker MDOC M50 65:15 +23:40
11th Peter Hayes MDOC M60 66:01 +24:26
12th John Sherwood DEE M70 66:44 +25:09
13th Stephen Nightingale HOC M70 71:32 +29:57
14th John Pigott POTOC M70 73:25 +31:50
15th Marian Denham POTOC W70 77:56 +36:21
16th Carmel Burke IND W50 79:38 +38:03
17th Peter Yoxall POTOC M70 81:08 +39:33
18th Austin Farr POTOC M75 81:17 +39:42
19th Barbara Farr POTOC W75 84:05 +42:30
20th Derek Turner WRE M80 93:04 +51:29
21st Jean Rostron POTOC W75 105:46 +64:11
  Rohit Gurung RSOC M35 m6  
  Simon Berry IND M40 mS  
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