Results for Downs Banks - 23 Nov 2019

Don't forget that we have a FREE MapRun activity at Hanley Park next week (Sunday 1st December). Great fun and a new map has been created for this area which was last used over 10 years ago. Find out more about MapRun and how to register to get your FREE map follow the link here.

Apologies for the issue regarding those who completed the short hard course, using the long hard course map. This caused some people to be incorrectly recorded as missing a control. As a result this has now been amended.

Course Results



1.9km 55m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Grace Allinson WRE W10 23:51  
2nd Harriet Allinson WRE W10 32:55 +9:04
3rd Diana Hailey OD W75 41:29 +17:38
4th Edward Lewis+1 WRE M2 51:42 +27:51
5th Annie Lewis +1 WRE W5 52:39 +28:48
6th Sunvat Sammut+1 IND M8 58:37 +34:46

Long Hard


5.2km 225m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Robert Holdway POTOC M35 40:59  
2nd John Sammut IND M35 41:05 +0:06
3rd David Dunn WCH M40 42:52 +1:53
4th Mark Stodgell WCH M45 47:40 +6:41
5th Clive Richardson WRE M50 50:05 +9:06
6th Jonathan Whilock POTOC M50 52:51 +11:52
7th Henry Morgan POTOC M65 53:54 +12:55
8th James Prince DVO M45 53:58 +12:59
9th Dave Bales POTOC M60 56:51 +15:52
10th Ray Collins WCH M60 56:59 +16:00
11th Mike Musters WCH M50 57:39 +16:40
12th Stuart Duckworth WCH M40 58:38 +17:39
13th Jim Cooke POTOC M55 59:36 +18:37
14th Anne Moore POTOC W40 61:00 +20:01
15th David Dann MDOC M60 65:24 +24:25
16th Gerard Riley POTOC M60 66:17 +25:18
17th Elizabeth Bales POTOC W55 71:50 +30:51
18th Ian Ankers POTOC M70 72:28 +31:29
19th John Brammer DEE M60 75:05 +34:06
20th Kate Lowndes DVO W21 78:28 +37:29
21st Richard Lowe IND M50 114:43 +73:44



2.3km 100m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Jonah Hearn WCH M10 45:30  
2nd Holly Moore POTOC W10 59:31 +14:01

Short Hard


3.7km 195m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Andrew Addis POTOC M60 46:35  
2nd Mark Clews POTOC M35 46:52 +0:17
3rd Marian Denham POTOC W70 52:27 +5:52
4th Doug Dickinson DVO M70 53:53 +7:18
5th Ian Jones WCH M65 56:00 +9:25
6th Melanie Hearn WCH W45 58:11 +11:36
7th Matthew Linney POTOC M40 59:24 +12:49
8th Alison Corbett POTOC W50 60:21 +13:46
9th Julia Allinson WRE W40 61:48 +15:13
10th Gordon Witte POTOC M60 62:28 +15:53
11th Denise Broom POTOC W55 63:30 +16:55
12th Dora Deaville POTOC W65 64:53 +18:18
13th John Pigott POTOC M70 66:39 +20:04
14th John Sherwood DEE M70 67:10 +20:35
15th Barry McGowan HOC M70 67:21 +20:46
16th Geoff Woolfenden DEE M65 67:26 +20:51
17th John Whitelock POTOC M65 73:22 +26:47
18th John Ward OD M70 74:24 +27:49
19th Roger Hailey OD M80 74:33 +27:58
20th James Smith DEE M70 76:01 +29:26
21st Paula Furnival POTOC W50 76:49 +30:14
22nd Janet Richardson OD W70 82:54 +36:19
  Derek Turner WRE M80 m6-8  
  John Griffin WCH M65 m5-12 m16-17  
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