Summer Park Series

POTOC Summer Parks SeriesThe calculation of points has been revised to use an “ideal time” rather than a winner’s time.

  1. This is a competition open to anyone who enters events in the POTOC Summer Parks Local Events.

  2. At the end of the series the best 3 scores in the 5 events will count towards the overall total.

  3. Junior Pairs may qualify for the competition, applying the lower class handicap of the two competitors. The same pairing must be maintained to qualify.

  4. Juniors who are accompanied by an adult at an event do not qualify for points unless they are only “shadowed”.

  5. Competitors sometimes run on more than one course at an event. Only the first course completed will be eligible for the competition.

  6. Any competitor can compete in any course as harder courses attract more points.


The scores will be calculated and published after each event. The scores are handicapped according to age class – the following awards will be made for the leading best Series score in the following categories:

  • Junior Women (W20 and under)
  • Junior Men (M20 and under)
  • Senior Women
  • Senior Men
  • Veteran Women (W55 and above)
  • Veteran Men (M55 and above)

The awards will be presented at a later event.


POTOC normally offer 4 courses at each local event:

    Easy - equivalent to Yellow, about 1.0 - 1.5 km (course mainly on paths)
    Moderate - equivalent to Orange, about 2.0 - 2.5 km (course sometimes veering off paths)
    Short Hard - equivalent to Green or Light Green, about 3.5 - 5.0 km (difficult courses designed for experienced orienteers)
    Long Hard - as Short Hard, but longer – about 4.5 - 6.0 km

Each course will have a different potential maximum score.

Points Awarded

Points awarded = ( Ideal time ÷ Competitors time ) × Course points × Class Handicap

Ideal Time

Ideal times are based on the median time (as many faster as slower competitors) for the combined Hard courses; inexperienced competitors are excepted. This is to eliminate inconsistencies caused by variations in the standard of the leading competitor. A consequence is that there is no upper limit to the point score for each class.

Ideal time = ( Course distance ÷ Long Hard distance ) × Median Hard time

Course Distances may be adjusted, for example if there is a disproportionate amount of climb on some courses or a significant proportion of urban type legs measured crossing out-of-bounds areas.

Course Points

Easy - 400
Moderate - 650
Short Hard - 1000
Long Hard - 1000

Class Handicaps

10 and under 2.20 2.20
12 1.68 1.89
14 1.49 1.68
16 1.35 1.54
18 1.19 1.35
20 1.00 1.14
21 1.00 1.14
35 1.08 1.23
40 1.12 1.28
45 1.19 1.35
50 1.27 1.45
55 1.35 1.54
60 1.47 1.67
65 1.67 1.90
70 and over 1.92 2.17

These rules may be amended as necessary.


Enquiries to John Heaton.

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